Summery Affair

I have been busy since the day my exams got over. Although with much alacrity I had lined up all the posts, I couldn’t work on any but this had to go live.
It’s been so hot this summer that going out in afternoon seemed like a foolhardy decision. Frankly I had shot this one back in Jan when lethargy overpowered me.
This outfit works just fine for summer days, when you refuse to come out of your humble abode and you are being forced to attend a party/ dinner. Much easy this gown is a saviour and adorns any body type.
I had initially planned on putting a Work Outfit, but then monsoon is already here and this outfit can also be worn on a lazy rainy day with complementary umbrellas and cute rainy ballerinas!
Even though I don’t post any gown pictures, I wear it almost everywhere to malls, dinner, desert dates, school friend’s meet up,


Untold Pittsburgh: from Kothimbir to Cilantro

*Disclaimer: Readers, this is an unusually long blog post, revealing the whims and fancies of Gradlife. Weak-hearted, homesick grad students and alumni living away from home should reconsider reading this. Also, I have not been paid by CMU to talk greatly about it. It is special all by itself and doesn’t need any promotion*

While clearing out some junk from my laptop, I accidently stumbled upon the old files of Bombaygirl Talks which made me open WordPress. It has been two years since my last blog post and I don’t intend to write more apart from occasional photo blogs of places I travel to. Time and again I have been asked why did I stop blogging altogether, reasons being: firstly  I realized I was a pathetic fashion blogger, secondly I love to be behind the camera instead of being in the front and lastly, after moving to Pittsburgh, life has gotten really busy.

My journey from applying for a master’s degree to actually studying in a grad school has been precarious! After a chaotic attempt to fix my wrong application (thanks CMU CEE for waiving off the fees on the second application), relentless search to find my lost i20 (DHL found it in Beijing after going through the CCTV footage, ask no more), being stranded due to a plane crash and 9 hours spent on rescheduling my flight, I could finally make it to Pittsburgh (trust me CMU is worth all the pain!). My life has always been about second attempts and thus I jokingly put it as ‘successfully making it’ to VJTI and CMU rather than simply getting admitted.

An adventurous journey like this commensurated with life long lessons which I  learnt (am learning) during the entire process of traveling alone and now living alone. A pampered single child, born and brought up in the lap of all luxuries was suddenly thrown out to set her own world like a responsible adult, which included cooking food, doing laundry, buying groceries, paying bills, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, and cleaning (I have an OCD for cleanliness, thank god my roommate has it too!). The journey from living with parents to living alone can be easily described by mom cribbing about inflating prices of Kothimbir (Corriander leaves) to me cribbing about the prices of Cilantro ( a fanciest possible name for the common Corriander leaves to suit the marked price: $1.22 at Giant Eagle).

My happy-go-lucky, wow-so-exciting, crazy pictures on Facebook and Instagram does have another side too. Since the last two years of my life, I had been chasing Carnegie Mellon University, but now I chase moments to spend time talking to friends and family over Facetime. If it had not been grad school, I would have never appreciated India, my family’s love, dal-chawal, Mumbai’s sun, Darjeeling’s snow, Cadbury dairy milk, chocolate Modaks, Karanji, Puran-poli, Vada-Pav, Mumbai locals, lunch gatherings at VJTI quad, and numerous other small things, the way I appreciate them now. It is very easy to cope with up continuous work and no sleep for a week, what is really difficult is coming back to an empty house and calling it home.

Nevertheless, Pittsburgh has been an amazing city to start my ‘real life’. With the most absurd weather patterns, it also houses vintage Presbyterian churches, 447 differently structured steel bridges, prettiest parks, lush trees (which looks absolutely beautiful even in winters), cutest houses, perfectly placed streets and avenues (yes, the city has been planned with grid system of roads <3) and not to forget adorable dogs, bunnies, deer, and foxes (you can see them all near my University!).It is undoubtfully important to mention another city which was my pit-stop: Boston! Never in my life have I ever seen such perfectly placed wharfs. I managed to take a few shots while landing, but Boston definitely requires a second visit only for capturing its surreality and especially its neighboring state Vermont.

Processed with VSCO with 10 preset
Boston #1
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
Boston #2
Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
Boston #3
Fifth Avenue
Centre of Fine Arts


Cutest dogs of Pittsburgh
Walnut Street at 1 am
Mandatory Picture?


St. Paul Cathedral
6 am view from my room’s window


Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
Balcony View
CMU covered with glistening ice
Walking to college


Shenley Park
Light up Pittsburgh festival
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Homestead Bridge
Ellsworth Avenue
Iconic CMU picture
Management guys decided to make the apartment look cute
Clicking Cathedral of Learning


Heinz Chapel


Architect Prerna Damani


Roomie (Best Cook): Prachi Jain


Mount Washington


Randy Pausch Bridge, CMU
Centre of Fine Arts, CMU

Apart from pretty places, Carnegie Mellon makes Pittsburgh even more interesting. Unlike Reddit/Quora posts, I would paint a different picture of CMU to you. Yes, it is immensely hectic (especially if you have 5 intense courses), you lose many hours of sleep but here hard work is directly proportional to ‘sweeter’success stories. Neither have I studied so much in the last 21 years, nor did I actually use my brain, but CMU made sure I do both. With all the loving teachers, you would never really want to leave CMU (can I get a PhD offer, please?).  It is very difficult for a core engineering student to land a job, but no matter what CMU is my Hogwarts and it will always be my Hogwarts! 🙂

This might be the last blog, till then Happy Holidays 😀







Work this out.

It’s already raining so heavily in Mumbai and it’s making me even more lethargic to do anything. With vacation phase already reaching it’s brim, it’s time to get out and start working again (even if I secretly hope to indulge in  several cups of coffee with my favourite book gazing into the vast stretch of condensed sky).
Formal clothing is my least favourite one, with many Indian offices having no-skirt policy, life becomes mundane. To top it,finding the right trouser, perfect coloured and with perfect fitting seems almost impossible.

It’s better to buy a right pair of jeans with a formal look(dark coloured) or use a nice pair of black leggings under a subtle coloured shirt/top. A nice statement neckpiece always completes your subtle look. Make sure it’s not too blingy otherwise it might prove detrimental for your colleagues’ vision.

Blazer – My favourite piece of clothing, I own it in every colour from off-white, black, navy blue  to bright red and jail printed. Of course  no colour is too bright for formal wear, just make sure that you pair up with the right coloured pant/trousers/leggings and shirt.

Shoes – Get over ballerinas! Kitten heels, multi Buckled sandals, Loafers and nude/brown Brogues also go with your formal attire.

Bag – Make sure you have nude/ Brown/ Black coloured Handbag / Tote /small Douffle bag.

Watch – I leave this to your choice. Well yes, no jazzy ones with excessive work on the dial.












jeans- Zara

Shirt/Neck piece/shoes- Forever21


If you have any query you can mail me at or leave a comment below. I hope you liked this blog.Much love


Summer- street style

Hello again,

Well now that all exams are over, all blogs will be posted as scheduled. This summer, the temperatures are soaring alarmingly and going out seems like a forced ritual. Though the heat is taking toll on us, holidaying in summers are a must.

Summers means unequivocally choosing cotton and florals. My alter ego also screams and tells me to wear a jumpsuit because it is so easy to pull off.  Street style has always been my favourite because these outfit styles can work at all places. Yes with a little bling at parties too! So I decided to fuse in florals and street style rather than conventionally choosing safe street style outfits.





A floral thrifted jumpsuit with a white blazer, chunky buckled heels and a fedora hat completed the entire look. Without any reservations I can say that being comfortable in an outfit is cardenal than compromising comfort and looking stylish.













Blazer,Shoes,Hat,Bag- Forever21

Cuff, Accessories -Blur Designs

Jumpsuit -Thrifted(Bandra)

All these pictures were clicked by my one and only bae Romila Samant. I had been procrastinating this blog post since January( when we shot it) but suddenly an immense desire to post this overpowered me after she went away for her internship. So this summer do not capitulate yourself before the sun. Take a holiday to rejuvenate yourself. I hope you liked all the pictures.

Much love

– R

Naukuchiatal Diaries

I hail from a land of tea and dumplings, a land containing the mighty himalayas and small perennial rivers, a land whose beauty cannot be conveyed by using meagre words.I hail from Siliguri district Darjeeling. I have spent 7 long years of my childhood at Goa but still  my love for hills remain unadulterated. Last May I planned a vacation for 15 days, packed my bags and decided to visit Rajasthan, Delhi and Uttarakhand.

One of those many places I visited was Naukuchiatal  and Nainital in Uttarakhand. These two places rekindled my love for hills and I re lived my toddler days again reminiscing Darjeeling. With most ambient temperatures and mesmerising scenic beauty Nainital is the perfect place to be in summers, although captivating all these during winters will be a different experience altogether. Being a member of Club Mahindra we decided to live in the Naukuchiatal resort. It’s one of the most beautifully located resorts but there are some issues with room service and the rooms are also very tiny.Despite having set backs, every morning when you wake up the view of Naukuchiatal lake from your room window will engulf you in it’s mysterious beauty. The resort also has a small detour directly leading to the lake!

Places to visit:

1. Nainital lake – (25kms from Naukuchiatal) You just cannot miss boating in this lake. The prodigal lake houses the small town of Nainital around itself and if you do not prefer boating you can always take a stroll around this lake. The cool wind blowing through your hair will take away all the preoccupying thoughts of your mind with itself.

2.Naini devi temple – Just nearby Nainital lake you will see this small temple being visited by many devotees throughout the day. I am an atheist but this particular temple left a mark on my mind maybe because of the beautiful scenic beauty.

3.Ranikhet- Ranikhet is famous for it’s apple farms and also the beautiful golf course. Approximately 60 kms from Naukuchiatal, this place should be on your list. It is surrounded by alluring  yellow trees and a road trip through it  will leave you enchanted.

4.St.Bridget Church: One captivating church with a small graveyard nearby, this place will  turn you into an ambivert.You will feel eerie and will be mesmerized at the same time.

Local Cuisine:If you are a food gourmet and like to taste new delicacies, then you can try the local food at any restaurant in the Nainital town. You can easily find one while taking a stroll on the mall.

Must haves:

  • Ras
  • Baadi
  • Black and White roti
  • Aloo ke Gutke


Nainital Lake
Nainital Lake
pretty flowers
pretty flowers
nainital lake
nainital lake
Resort Scenes
Resort Scenes


Detour to Naukuchital lake from the ClubMahindra Resort
Detour to Naukuchiatal lake from the ClubMahindra Resort


The beautiful Naukuchiatal Lake
The beautiful Naukuchiatal Lake


Road trip from Corbett to Nainital
Road trip from Corbett to Nainital
Apple farms of Ranikhet
Apple farms of Ranikhet
Golf Course,Ranikhet
Golf Course,Ranikhet


Evening at Ranikhet
Mighty Hills
Mighty Hills


Mall area,Nainital

All photos by me

Closest Airport: Pantnagar (60kms)

Closest station:Kathgodam(25kms)

So where are you planning to go this summer?Leave a comment and let me know!

Much Love


Blogging – Viva ?

hello people,

and thankyou Naina of I speak what You love for nominating me for this. Caught up in between exams i had very less time to write this. Most of the fellow bloggers i know have already been nominated, hence i won’t nominate anyone and will just answer the questions!

1.Describe your blog in 3 words.

vivacious | effortless | invigorating

2. Share a quote that you live by.

I spent my childhood reading Harry Potter books and that one quote I relate to most is from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban where Dumbledore says, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light.”

There will be times when you are criticised for everything including things which were not your fault. Don’t fall back! Fight it. Be happy that you could learn from the people you met and never forget to forgive. Forgiveness is a virtue possessed by few but deserved by many. In the end, remember your smile makes someone else’s day 😀

3.What’s your biggest achievement so far?

I won’t classify anything I achieved till now as big. I am 21, in middle of my under grad course and I do a lot of other extra curricular activities including blogging but I constantly strive to excel in whatever I do and try to achieve cardenal results. I still have a long way to go and I want to channel my engineering studies into something beneficial for the society.

4.One ability or skill you would want to acquire and why?

Mandarin is considered as one of the toughest language and I have been struggling to learn writing in Mandarin since last 8 months.So far i have only learnt numbers. This is one of many abilities i really want to develop.

5.Why did you start blogging?

I developed a peculiar inclination towards English language in my 8th grade. Though I never maintained a diary, I wrote something each day. This blog conceived just because of my love for English. Adding to this, my mom is a constant source of inspiration and much of my writing abilities are attributed to her share of genes. Fashion, food and travel blogging is just a start,I want to grow as a blogger particularly in terms of my language usage and style of blogging!

6.One thing you never want to lose and why?

One thing I never want to loose is actually not one. I am surrounded by beautiful people- parents, best friends from school and jovial college friends. They have now become a part of me and parting ways would be heart wrenching.

7.Choose one song to describe yourself.

It would have been unfair to judge myself. Hence i asked one of my closest college friends Romila to describe me and after much thinking she said – Everything at once by lenka.

8.If you could live anywhere in the world, which place would you choose?

One place i definitely want to live in is Santorini,Greece. Santorini has amazing architecture and i am someone who loves brilliant architecture.

9.What’s your favourite past-time?

My favourite pass time is photography and painting! I own a Canon 600D and other than fashion blogging i also click fashion bloggers.

10.What’s your favourite cuisine?

I hail from a land of dumplings, Darjeeling. I love chicken dumplings and my favorites include everything chinese and nonveg.

This was one of those many random blogs i drafted.Will be back after my semester exams with blogs planned up!

much love

-Reshmi Ghosh

Ethnicity galore

Hello again,
This blogpost was totally unpredicted as my exams are nearing and this semester is of utmost importance for future studies.My college recently celebrated Traditional day and upon requests of many to describe the details of my outfit, this blog post conceived.

Traditional day in colleges in and around Mumbai is celebrated with much vigor and enthusiasm and you will see people in the best ethnic outfits they could pull off. With navari saris,lehengas, kanjivarams to dothis and kurtas no gender stays behind to dress up their best.

I am a very traditional person from heart and fortunately my mother’s cupboard is filled with beautiful saris from different parts of south east Asian countries and also from every state of India. I  had worn an authentic ‘tant’ sari in my first year which is a speciality of West Bengal and Kerala Silk in my second year.

This year I planned to go all retro- Bong look in my mother’s American voil saree from Bhutan.This saree holds a special place both for ma and me as it’s nearly 28 years old and the colour is eclectic.Such light coloured sarees needs contrast to scale up the look hence I got a black long sleeved- collared-blouse custom made with a cut on the back to give a vintage look with a dash of uber sensuality.The sari was flowy and airy so clicking pictures under the noon sun was no task.






Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Paired up with flats, as heels prove to be painful , statement gold earrings from Blur and a box clutch from Accessorize.I decided to keep my makeup and jewels minimal to let the sari do the scintillating talk! You can always pair it up with buckled heels to give a refined look to the entire outfit. Furthermore to add more retro effect I used my Lennon glasses and it also helped me to beat the scorching Sun that day.

Buckled heels like these will be apt!



I received a lot of queries asking where to buy such saris from. You all can definitely check online but my word of advise – don’t spend lavishly on a sari for a one day event! Rather emulate your mother’s old look with her traditional saris or recreate it with some statement pieces like i did it here! Do not undermine the yesteryear ‘ s look. No designer sari will give you such defined look like your mother’s or grandma’s sari will do 🙂

Leave a comment below for further queries and do give feedback about this look!
-Much love
Reshmi Ghosh